Criminal Defense Lawyer in Warren County

Were You Arrested for a Crime in Lincoln or Montgomery County?

If you were arrested for a crime, it is imperative you obtain skilled legal counsel to help you navigate this precarious time. If convicted, you can face extensive jail time and large fines, as well as negative social implications. A conviction appears on your permanent record and can affect your future employment and education prospects. If you were accused of a crime, make sure your rights are protected. At the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Robertson, P.C., our Warren County criminal defense lawyer has over 30 years of experience protecting clients.

When clients contact Attorney Robertson, they can rest assured they are in good hands. He ensures that you are given a fair trial under the due process of the law. You are innocent until proven guilty! He takes the time to review and assess your case and is always honest with you about your options. He explains every step of the process and keeps the lines of communication open.

For a leading criminal defense attorney in Warren, Lincoln, and Montgomery counties, call (636) 253-7903. We are ready to fight on your behalf!